Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Living your passion

“What is the single illuminating thing which shines its light on all the elements of the best parts of your life (the sound of which makes your heart sing and your feet dance)?"Answer that and then you know: that is the thing you must do..” Mary Anne Radmacher
This quote was sent to me by a friend a few days ago & it made me think, who do I know that is doing what they must do, another friend came to mind, Michelle Donner. Michelle has been taking photographs her whole life, and always loved it. She made a decision earlier this year to “live my passion” & launched Michelle Donner Photography. She now spends her days doing what she loves best, taking photographs of wildlife, pets & people. Her work can be seen in several local magazine ads & on Michelle will photograph & record small events to family portraits. She says she loves to make people smile! Michelle will be taking photos of our backyard makeover & will be donating a garden portrait of the winners of our $16,000 Ultimate Backyard Makeover Contest in their new backyard. To view Michelle’s photos visit win you must enter, so be sure to log on to .

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