Monday, August 24, 2009

Getaway in your own backyard

There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting on our porch in the evening listening to the sound of trickling water as it runs over the waterfall & into our pond, watching the Koi gliding gracefully through the water as the butterflies & dragonflies are darting around the flowers. This is the most relaxing part of my day. A time where I can take a few moments & let go of the days business & enjoy the peace & quiet. It’s like getting a mini vacation all year every day long! Then I remember, this is what we get to do for a living, create a place for you to get-away from the world without having to leave your home. A peaceful retreat in your own backyard. The Backyard Getaway will be creating a one of a kind water feature for the winner of the $16,000 ultimate backyard makeover contest. If you would like to see pictures of some of the beautiful water features created by Backyard Getaway visit our website at or contact Backyard Getaway at 941-752-POND to set up a pond consultation & of course don’t forget to enter the Ultimate Backyard Makeover Contest on .

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