Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Carbon footprint, greenhouse gases what does it all mean?

Have you thought about updating your home or office to make it more environmentally friendly but don’t know where to begin? Maybe you are overwhelmed with all the “green” information that you think why bother, it will cost too much or take up too much time. Did you know that going green can be as simple as changing your halogen light bulbs to fluorescent bulbs & unplugging or turning off electronics that are not in use. Of course there are larger steps you can take like adding solar panels to your roof. Not every one is ready for that big of a step but every little step you take will add up in helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Ok, carbon footprint, greenhouse gases, green washing, if these terms are Greek to you there is someone who can help, Steff Marcusky founder of Your Green Home Resource. Steff started her business with the belief that we can leave the world a better place for our children. She tells us that there are three facets of “green” living: energy/water efficiency, air quality & environmental stewardship. Learning the importance of these facets will help in your journey. Of course, taking that first step is important & Steff will help you start the process by educating & coaching you & your family as to what steps you can take to make your home & office “green”. Your green home resource isn’t about forcing anyone into a choice that they are not comfortable with & suggests starting slowly, maybe try something new every six months. To learn more about Your Green Home Resource visit . One more thing, If you win our $16,000 Ultimate backyard makeover contest you will receive a complete home consultation from Your Green Home Resource. Remember to enter at

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