Friday, August 7, 2009

Christmas...In August?

Isn’t it funny how every year when it’s time to put up your holiday lights they always seem to be a tangled mess & when you do finally get them straightened out half the bulbs are blown? I know it’s a little early to worry about holiday decorating but this year I plan to be prepared. No, I am not going to start untangling those old strands of lights, I am calling Decorating Elves. Can you believe it, there is a company that will install your holiday lights for you! What‘s even better is that they will maintain them (change out blown bulbs, etc) through out the season then take them down & store them for you. Best idea I’ve heard of in a long time!
Don’t let the name fool you there is more to these guys than just holiday lights & decorations. Decorating Elves & it’s sister company Tampa Bay Landscape Lighting, also offer traditional landscape lighting with free demonstrations, as well as lighting for special events, wedding receptions, parties, graduations, retail & event displays, corporate events, restaurants and clubs. Decorating Elves was started as a small business venture by Nick Schriver to help homeowners Avoid the Holiday Hassle. To view their portfolio & see what they have to offer visit or . And yes, you guessed it, they are part of the fabulous $16,000 Backyard Makeover contest sponsored by . Decorating Elves will be installing a set of 10 low voltage landscape lights complete with transformer in your new backyard.

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