Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wasteland to Paradise

Here it is! The complete Ultimate Backyard Makeover from Barren wasteland to paradise!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's day three of the makeover & the yard is really starting to take shape. We now have a beautiful arbor & paver patio with retaining wall seating that is perfect for a cozy firepit & of course the pond is starting to take shape. Thanks to Michelle Donner Photography spending three hours in that nasty sun yesterday we get to show you a sneak peak into the backyard.
Dave left at 5:30 this morning to beat the heat & to get a head start on today's installations. It's going to be a busy day... Historic Shed will be transporting the made to order potting shed all the way from Brooksville. Hydro-Taste farms will be installing the HydroStacker gardens, Dave & David with the help of a couple of volunteers will finish up the pond & lay the walkway, Laurie & Roger will be on hand to plant the Plumeria trees they donated & Florida Native Plants inc will be bringing out a truck load of plants for us to plant tomorrow. Thanks also to Roger Gaille for coming out to help. He said he saw Dave, David & their one volunteer yesterday on Bay News 9 & decided to help out. Roger & his wife Laurie are with the Plumeria Society & have donated Plumeria trees to the makeover. In case you didn’t hear Dave & the Patoray’s are now famous Bay News 9 visited the site on Wednesday & taped a segment which ran all day yesterday once every hour. Any one who would like to lend a hand on our last day tomorrow with the planting please feel free to contact Lisa at:
I have to include one more picture that Dave took. This is the homeowner Joey, he puts a whole new meaning to "whistle while you work". He is so happy he's skipping. To see more pictures of the site visit Michelle Donner Photography’s link below

Saturday, October 3, 2009

what's new: makeover updates!

It’s hard to believe two weeks have gone by since the Backyard Makeover voting has ended & the winners were chosen. You probably think it’s been a quiet two weeks after all that craziness of the voting frenzy. In fact the opposite is true, we’ve have been busy organizing, scheduling, ordering & meeting with the winners, contributing business members & local reporters. So busy in fact that I am writing this during the only free time I’ve had this week, as we drive to Orlando to pick up some of the donated goodies & to attend a landscape trade show. We thought it was time to give everyone an update as to what happens next.
First we didn’t want the 10 finalist to go home empty handed so we asked all of the participating businesses to help us fill a packet with coupons & freebies that we will be sending out to them on Monday. We also gave the second place yard, Michelle #5, a $50 gift certificate for Backyard Getaway & the third place yard, Derek #8, received a gift certificate to Bone Appetite. In case you aren’t familiar with Bone Appetite it’s a local pet boutique that carries all natural pet foods & treats & some of the cutest accessories.
The makeover officially begins Monday with a visit form Sunshine Dig. Sunshine Dig is a non profit that offers a free service to homeowners & contractors. Before you dig in your yard they will schedule all the utility companies to come out & check for underground wires, cables, plumbing, etc. Joey, our winner, found out the hard way the other day & cut through their cable wire while trying to remove a stump. Shame on you Joey, you should have called “811”. Don’t worry we know you were just trying to make the yard pretty for us.
Just like any project this one had a couple of hiccups. One of our original contributing businesses will not be able to contribute. I panicked for about a minute then after a few quick phone calls we were back on track. There truly are some amazing business owners in our area. Two companies came forward to help knowing that they would not reap the benefit of all the advertising & promoting we had been doing over the last couple of months. Trucking Southern Style agreed to supply us with the ground cover items we lost & Ruck Brick/OldCastleCoastal will be supplying the flagstone for the walkways Dave will install. Please visit click on the local contributors link & view the info about these companies. Another concern we had was due to a mistaken assumption on my part. I didn’t realize that the shade sail did not come with it’s support post. I was told that I would need to get 4” schedule 40 galvanized pipe at 16’ long. Where was I going to find that! I called Brad at All phases Welding (one of our contributors) & he stepped up & offered to donated them too.
On Tuesday we will lay out the yard marking where each feature will be installed. Wednesday will be the day we break ground. Digging for the pond & setting footers for the arbor & shade sail. Thursday & Friday will be very busy days with installation of the pond, arbor, shade sail, shed, hydroponics, landscape lighting, paver patio and walkways, all while being followed by our videographer & photographer. Oh, almost forgot there will be a couple of other surprises Dave has up his sleeve. Don’t worry Joey & Heather, there won’t be any mini grills, ponds or sheds.
Friday afternoon Joey & Heather will be sent away to the Best Western Midtown to spend a relaxing night & to keep them from seeing the finishing touches that we will be installing on Saturday. They will return home Saturday evening to their new $16,000 Ultimate Backyard Makeover & we will be off planning our next project. I think a party at the Patoray’s sounds like more fun!