Friday, November 13, 2009

What is a BeeMat

What is a BeeMat?

We are very excited about a Florida green company that we found that has come up with an innovative way to naturally clean up green mucky stagnant water in lakes & ponds. If you live near a lake or pond that is green & filled with muck you know how unpleasing it is to look at not to mention the smell, yuck. One solution is to add an expensive fountain or aerator. Don’t get me wrong an aerator or fountain is a good thing. They will help to circulate the pond creating more oxygen which will break down the inorganic matter. The down side is they run on electricity. Another more eco friendly solution is to add plant life to the pond. I won’t bore you with the details of how it works but what it boils down to is the plants will act as a biological filter helping to clean up the pond. Adding plants can be difficult if the pond is deep & especially difficult if the pond water levels fluctuate. Most aquatic plants are considered bog plants or marginals & can only survive when planted in a few inches of water or just barely getting their feet wet. You plant them close to the edge & when the water levels drop they die while others that can go dry thrive but become so tall you can’t see the water. Submerged plants like water lilies do best in about two feet of water but who wants to wade out into the muck to plant them. Beemats, LLC has come up with a perfect inexpensive solution.

BeeMats, LLC uses interlocking mats, combined with aquatic plants in perforated pots, creating a suspended shallow water environment. This not only takes care of fluctuating water levels, but also produces oxygen, takes nutrients and pesticides out of the water, and provides habitat for wildlife utilization. Their patented floating plant mat consists of puzzle cut mats held together by nylon connectors. These mats may be assembled in any size or shape. After the mats are connected, plants are inserted into pre-cut holes. The plants may be any species of emergent aquatics. The mats can be attached to anchors or shoreline stakes or left to float freely around the pond. Keep in mind that if you anchor the island it will be easier to renovate or change the plants if you decide you want a new look.

Floating Islands are not new & there are several companies out there who offer their own variation on this idea. What’s unique about the BeeMats is that they are thin & lightweight making it easy to plant & transport to the pond & even easier to keep afloat. They also utilize a specially designed pot that is cone shaped with several slits in the sides allowing the plants roots to emerge from the soil creating a root mat under the water’s surface. Not only does this provide a perfect hiding place & food for the pond fish it creates a thicker aerobic layer which increases nitrification & accelerates the nitrogen cycle. This is a good thing, helping to eat up the nutrients that would otherwise be feeding the algae bloom. Adding biological filtration to a pond will also eliminate the need to add harmful chemical algaecides which may soon be restricted by regulatory agencies. BeeMats also come in smaller sizes for your decorative backyard ponds. If you would like more information on BeeMats contact Lisa at


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