Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Heeere's Dave

Hi everyone, this is Dave with the Backyard Getaway. This is normally not part of my job description. I leave this part to Lisa. I wanted to write today & talk a little about why I decided to host the Backyard Makeover contest.I came up with the idea of having a backyard makeover contest over a year ago after watching different programs on HGTV & DIY. Have you ever noticed that they are all in California or NY? What’s wrong with Florida? So I got to thinking, what could we do locally that would be like what you see on those home improvement programs. I didn’t want to just give away a pond. I didn’t want to copy the shows either. What I wanted was to offer something different & fun. I put the idea on the back burner until a few of months ago. What I came up with was to offer a contest to local homeowners. One where you could enter to win a makeover that was not only offered by our company but also included other local companies. We wanted to be able to show everyone that there are a lot of great local companies willing to not only stand behind their work but offer their goods & services to a project that will benefit someone in our community. All of the companies including mine are giving their services for free! You don’t see the big box stores doing that!
We were both so glad when we found Wqmag.com & they were interested in sponsoring our contest. Even though I’m not a women Wes was happy to include me on his site. Thanks, Wes. I feel that we couldn’t have found a better place to promote our contest. Ok, I’m done brown nosing.
I knew I couldn’t pick just one winner so the idea of having people vote sounded really good to me. I was also hoping that it would give people a chance to work together to pick one lucky person to win the contest. Of course I would like to win this contest myself, who wouldn’t, it‘s a great opportunity. I hope that everyone has fun with the voting process & takes the contest in the spirit it was offered. I love the positive comments. We plan to offer this contest again next year. Don’t worry we also have other ideas for giveaways that you won’t have to work so hard for. Just remember how wonderful the local companies are the next time you decide to shop online or at one of the big box stores. Don’t forget to vote everyday for your favorite ugly backyard, they can’t win if you don’t vote. http://www.wqmagonline.com/forum/topic/show?id=2298959%3ATopic%3A38179One last note: I have Kim & Amy’s shovels ready & waiting for them.

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