Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Did you know that the latest watering restrictions in Manatee County now say that if you have a fountain or water feature in your yard that you are only allowed to run it for 4 hours a day? What they don't tell you is that if your fountain, pond or water garden sustains life, (fish, turtles, frogs, plants etc.) that it is exempt from this restriction & can run 24/7. This restriction was obviously included by someone who doesn't really know much about water gardens or ponds. Now, let me start by saying that we agree with the restrictions if you have a small decorative fountain that splashes water out of the fountain you should turn it off.To clarify, ponds & water features are in fact a recirculating system & do not "use" water on a daily basis. The water in the pond recirculates with the use of a pump & filter & if installed properly will only lose a minimal amount of water due to evaporation. Even if the pond is off it can still lose this small amount of water from evaporation. Another interesting point is that a pond or water garden actually uses less water than your lawn.A water garden is considered eco friendly, because, unlike the lawn it does not need fertilizers, weed killers or pest control. The fish in your pond provide natural fertilizer for your plants & also provide pest & weed control as well. You should see how our fish love to eat the bugs that land on the pond. At the same time, your water garden provides a habitat for many wildlife creatures from butterflies, birds & squirrels to frogs & turtles. The best part is that you can grow a huge variety of beautiful aquatic plants & lilies with out having to have a green thumb!

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